The World is your Oyster 9 Sep 15

The world is your oyster


I don’t actually like Oysters. They’re a big glob of goo from the sea. But apparently they also give us pearls, which is the treasure that Shakespeare originally wrote about when he coined the phrase.

Therefore, the world is a place where you can get something of great value, with relative ease.

Mt Everest

My pearl in the world is Mt Everest. I’ve always wanted to see it for as long as I can remember. I’ve seriously had it on my wish list for several years now. Last year, while celebrating my birthday with a few wines, I drunkenly said “Let’s just book the trip.” Which I soberly did the next day.

We were originally supposed to travel in May, trekking to Everest Base Camp at the end of the spring season. Just before we were due to leave, a major series of earthquakes hit Nepal. We reluctantly had to postpone the adventure until after the Himalayan monsoons. This stormy precipitous period finishes mid-September and we will now soon be one of the first groups back up the mountain.

Nepal earthquake

A team of structural and geo-technical engineers led by the US-based firm Miyamoto International surveyed the Everest trail on foot and by helicopter to check for quake-triggered destruction and hazards. The conditions up the trail are mostly safe with a couple of new detours crossing the Dudh Kosi River following a safer path avoiding possible landslides and avalanches.

EBC trail

Paul and I were well ready and prepared to travel in May. The four month delay has only made our feet even more itchy and our appetites for the challenge more ravenous. We’ve been up snowy peaks throughout the South Island most weekends and I’ve tried to acclimatize to the low oxygenated atmosphere of Nepal by climbing with an ear plug up one nostril to halve the amount of air getting to my brain. I’m not sure this has worked successfully but I reckon I’m all good to go. At the least it’s increased my nostril size.

Let the blogging begin. 10 days to go!!!


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