Dingboche to Lobuche 28 Sep 15


I’ve been out of Wi-Fi range for a few days now and much has happened. We trekked to Lobuche on Sunday. A steep incline out of the village had everyone panting but then the trail levelled off over a barren open plane.

Dingboche Loboche

We passed by old broken down stone houses with the occupants long gone. As we took advantage of this photo opportunity a crazed bearded marathon runner sprinted down the hill to greet us. He babbled non stop asking for someone to film and photograph him on his camera, running up and down the hill.

Polish runner

We did so for half a dozen takes and then he informed us he was training and acclimatising for the Everest Marathon next week. He was very hyperactive and funny and it turned out he was from Poland. He sprung off back up the hill and we also continued on.

EBC Marathon runner

After a couple of hours hiking we came to Thukla, a tiny two tearoomed village just over a bubbling river. We stopped for tea and observed a very steep climb up to the spot where there are many memorials for climbers and sherpas that have died in these mountains. I took lots of photos then we carried on to Lobuche.



Shah chorten

Scott Fischer







This last one includes Anatoli Boukreev who was in the movie “Everest” that’s just been released. He saved a number of the climbers in the movie and died the following year on Mt Annapurna.

yak train

Again tiny rooms and more primitive toilet facilities were awaiting at the lodge in Lobuche. Tomorrow we head to Gorak Shep, the last accommodation before Everest Base Camp. The nights are getting very cold now and the air is noticeably harder to breathe. In the small hours I wake up panting deeply with a terrible feeling that I’m suffocating. Still I’m very excited to see Everest Base Camp soon.


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