Christchurch to Kathmandu 21 Sep 15

A twelve hour stop over in Sydney then four hours in Kuala Lumpur set us up for the last leg to Kathmandu. It feels real now! I write this after a tasty chicken curry with naan bread served while I watch Mad Max on the in-flight entertainment consol.

Air Malaysia

The Malaysian Air flight to Nepal is only a third full, which is probably a testament to the earthquakes and the drop off in tourists visiting the area. Paul spoke to one of the flight attendants who said the aircraft now quickly disembark the passengers and leave Kathmandu immediately to reduce the earthquake risk to the plane and staff. She said she previously stayed overnight in Kathmandu frequently. Not anymore, at least until things settle down. Everything has run smoothly so far. I bought a new Sony compact camera in Sydney and Paul discovered a stylish Swiss Tissot altimeter watch in Kaula Lumpur which needed to be bought. It might be useful, to confirm that we are at the top of Everest, if we decide to continue on up from base camp!


Malaysian Air


The plane has many Nepalese Sherpa type people on board. I suspect many are returning to restart trekking and climbing jobs. There are just a few obvious tourists. I wonder if we will see some of them again up the trail. Paul was very excited to see his first Nepalese monk in robes when he boarded the flight with us.


Rooftop view Hotel Moonlight.


Keeping hydrated at Hotel Moonlight.

Google Maps



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